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TeleScore App for iPhone

Keep your best friend up to date with the match you're watching, without missing the action while you type.

TeleScore Icon - Ball and Phone

TeleScore is free to download from Apple's AppStore. Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch iOS 4.3 or later. You need an internet connection (WiFi, 3G etc.) to be able to send IM chat messages.

You must have an existing Google/Jabber/XMPP account before you can use TeleScore.


Setup Chat

Chat Setup - Screenshot Enter your full Jabber account ID (eg and password, and after a few moments you should go online (make sure the connect switch is ON) and your normal list of contacts will appear.

Tap on the contact you want to send messages to. You can only select one (no multi-user chat yet...).

You can prevent TeleScore from sending messages too often by setting the minimum time between messages. It always waits at least 3 seconds after you press a button, to give you time to correct in case you make mistake.

Team Settings

Teams Setup - Screenshot

Double tap the team score to change the team name and color. Keep the teamname short !

Scoreboard page

Custom Teams - Screenshot

Press Start to start the match clock from zero. This also sets the scores to zero. Press pause for a break in play, and End when the match finishes. Press Goal to add one point for the corresponding team.

If you make a mistake pressing any of the buttons, swipe the button (from right to left) to undo it. If the message was sent already - no problem - TeleScore even apologizes for you !

Chat messages appear in the window towards the top of the screen. Above this is the "online/offline" status. Messages only appear if you are online. You can always go offline by switching the switch on the right to "OFF".

Each time you press a button, TeleScore prepares to send a message. There's a minimum delay of 3 seconds first (in case you make a mistake) or whatever minimum time you set in the Chat Setup. After this, a message is sent, which reflects the current status.

When you type in the "Extra comments" section the text is sent with the next message (if the minimum time between texts has not passed yet, your text is shown in italics).


For general comments about TeleScore (good or bad !) please make them on the AppStore, where others will be able to see them.

If you have any bug reports, feature request, or want to get in touch about developing your own ideas, please get in contact using the feedback form.